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               Dougie Rankin - Artist in Steel & Plastic. 

Sulaco Steel & Plastic started of as a little experiment to see what I could achieve with the use of my AutoCAD skills along with access to a high specification CNC Laser. I started off with a Mythosaur Skull to hang on a wall. A fairly easy design to draw and a success on the laser too. From this I drew up the door way of the commercial Starship Nostromo from one of my all time favourite movies, Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece 'ALIEN'. Once I had the shape of the door it was time to put the menacing creature within the door frame. Again this was just a small test for myself on carbon steel 300mm square. It was a huge success and I got myself interested in coming up with more and more designs. From here I made a full size replica of Captain America's World War 2 Shield for a Halloween party. The comments that I received for my work made me take the plunge and book a table at a local Comic Con. From there I have gone from strength to strength receiving orders and commissions via both Cons and my Facebook page. Shipping items to as far as Europe, the USA, Canada & Australia. As for the model side of things, I have always been a keen modeller thanks to my father introducing me to it when I was very young. I have won a variety of competitions and was once the under 21 Scottish Champion.

SULACO STEEL & PLASTIC offer custom made pieces either in bespoke Steel work or off the shelve plastic kits.

If you have any queries about getting a piece made, please do not hesitate to contact me. And remember, it does not have to be Movie / TV or comic book related Sulaco Steel & Plastic can design and cut any subject matter.



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Laser Cut Steel Work

All of my pieces are designed & drawn in AutoCAD, and cut on a CNC Laser. With 90% of work on 304 Stainless Steel and 10% on S355 Carbon (Black) Steel. Pieces can range from 1mm thick to 10mm thick. with sizes up to 2000mm long.

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My plastic kits can range from off the shelf kits like Airfix, Tamiya or imported Bandai to Resin & Vinyl "Garage Kits"  I also upscale old kits & large toys.

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