Jaws is one of 3 films that has had a huge impact of me. These films are : Aliens (1986), The Thing (1982) & of course JAWS (1975). Sulaco Steel & Plastic got in contact with Mikey Waters via the JAWS Facebook page as he recognised there were a lot of tourists and movie buffs that travel to Marthas Vinyard just to see the Jaws filming locations. There are some cracking photos taken by fans from all corners of the globe. But most people take their photos of the famous 'JAWS Bridge' at the wrong one. Sulaco Steel  asked Mikey if he could propose and design a plate to mark this iconic filming location. I was extremely honored to have this opportunity and be involved with this fantastic project and also to be part of one of the true Classics of modern films, as well as one of the best movie locations to be found in the world. I wish Mikey all the very best with the dedication. I hope all of 'Amity' have a beautiful day, that the beaches are open and people have a wonderful time. Amity, as you know, means "friendship".

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