John Carpenter's


One Off Special

THE Thing.

One Off Special. Framed LED, Signed with part of filming location 

This one of a kind special piece is one that I made all for myself. As you can probably quest or already know, I am a huge fan of John Carpenter's THE THING.

Combining both Version 1 & 2 (What would later become Version 3) as well as assimilating  some rock fragments taken from under the area of Mac's Shack at the filming location in British Columbia. 

I was blessed with being gifted 2 small rock fragments from a friend, Peter Abbott, well know in the worldwide THING community. Peter had sent these to me after visiting the filming location. I had to think of a way to display these and thought if I could somehow incorporate them into one of my designs. I drawn up a plate design with more detail than any of my other had done before and was happy with how it was going to look. But when an opportunity  arose thanks to Peter again to meet the Legend JC I couldn't pass this up. So off to The States I flew to have the man hand sign my new piece. 

This has now been framed with LED lights incorporated in the frame to give this one of a kind piece a stunningly fantastic look.

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