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John Carpenter's


Version 2

THE Thing. version 2.

1 or 2 layer Stainless Steel  

After working out some flaws that were found on my AutoCAD drawings I upgrade to a newer program that allowed me to draw more detailed areas within my THING design.

Version 2, was a complete redraw. with a more detailed Outpost #31. The corrugated tunnel could now be included, as well as a more detailed Chopper, met masts, and the return of the chimneys. This version also sees a huge change in the font, gone is the bold logo replaced with the "Burning" logo from the opening of the movie.

This plate can be supplied in many variations to accomidate  any Thing fans 

THE THING version 2

Brushed Stainless (single)

THE THING version 2

Brushed Stainless cw Backing

THE THING version 2

Dual Layer with backing.

THE THING version 2

Corrugated Tunnel Detail.

THE THING version 2

Camp Cut Detail.

THE THING version 2

Chopper Cut Detail.

THE THING version 2

"Burning" Logo

THE THING version 2

Backlit with Blue LED.

THE THING version 2

ICE WHITE, red cut lines & backing.

Version 2 Prototype

Prototype with Red backing.

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