John Carpenter's


THE Thing. Prototype

2 layer Stainless Steel  

THE THING was my first attempt at a more detailed cut. I chose to use John Carpenter's 1982 Cult Classic as my subject. With a 2mm Stainless plate cut into the shape of 5 of the Outposts characters and an internal cut out of OUTPOST #3. Mounted on another larger square cut plate. Initially drawn on AutoCAD with detailing including the corrugated tunnel (Had to be cut as a straight), multiple masts, chimneys as well as 'John Carpenter's' etched above the cut out 'THING Logo. '  

After the prototype plate had been cut, it was clearly apparent that some of the details required a redesign or the laser settings tweaked. This was done with some redrawn areas and the removal of some of the smaller items.

The first official 'THE THING' plate was cut with an extra special etching for a fellow Thing fan. Peter Abbott travelled to British Columbia to the filming location and recovered parts of the set, some souvenir rocks and one very exciting piece of movie history. Part of the main rotor hub from the wreckage of the Norwegian chopper. The plate will form part of a custom build display piece for the rotor.  (More on Peter's story can be seen on the Arrow release of the Thing on a documentary "We’ve found something in the ice, a fans journey")

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